¤ Pegasus Flyers Inline Skate Club App ¤

The Pegasus Flyers Inline Skate Club App was built for an inline skate club in Dallas Texas.

The app will:
  • list locations and times for weekly skates around the DFW area
  • list special events like bike rallies that the Pegasus Flyers have skated in
  • contains a GPS utility to track the distance on a skate
  • display the current weather in Dallas, to see if it's "skate-able" outside
  • links to the Yahoo Group and club's web site, to be opened in Safari

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¤ Auto Journal ¤

The Auto Journal is a way to track your Miles Per Gallon (MPG), Oil Changes & Maintenance Logger by using the iPhone's built in database. You can also set up reminders for scheduled maintenance.

For as many cars as you like, the app will:
  • let you track miles per gallon (mpg) at each fill up
  • let you keep track of your oil changes, and it will alert you when you are due for your next oil change
  • track any extra maintenance you perform on your car
  • let you set up reminders, either based on a date or by miles, for schedule maintenance. you will also be able to add these reminders to your iPhone's calendar
  • let you generate and email a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file of your log entries, which can then be opened in most spreadsheet programs
  • let you store contact information for mechancis you use, and from these entries, you can call or find on a map

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¤ MessUp Or DressUp ¤

Sure you can take a picture of your friend and post it to Facebook.

But what if they’re not looking as good as they could be, or worse, looking better than they should?

MessUp or DressUp to the rescue.

Add a bit of zing and dress them up? Or mess them up, and take them down a peg or two.

Over 60 items to add to a picture to MessUp or DressUp your subject.

You can pick a photo you already have on your phone, or take one with your camera.

Once you're done "updating" them, you can then save it to your photo albums or email to your friends.

Let the fun begin!

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